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Trancoso was founded in 1586 and was first called Aldeia de São João dos Índios. Then, St. John the Baptist, also named after the church built in the early sixteenth century, framed by vegetation. Trancoso is a bucolic hamlet, wrapped in groves and where we can admire the famous "square", typical Jesuit village atmosphere. Today it is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region, sought after by the beauty of the natural landscapes and also by the way of being and the very relaxed and natural living of its residents.

Located in the south of Bahia, on the so-called Discovery Coast, Trancoso is an unforgettable tourist destination, coveted by young people from all over the world and by people who love nature, beauty, the arts and the sympathy of the Bahian people. the place among the most charming on the planet.

Those who arrive want to contemplate paradisiacal landscapes, full of rivers, exuberant flora and fauna, rich mangroves of life, dazzling cliffs that shine in orange and red and an absurdly blue or green sea or both. But it also looks for something special, a different touch.

Trancoso is like this: a tropical paradise with vocation for fashion. The way is a quiet village, full of charm, that lives around the famous Square, a historic square dating back to the founding of the place in 1586, flanked by colorful houses and with the white church of St. John, built in 1650. Quiet , but not rough. Trancoso has long become a symbol of glamor and sophistication. The colorful houses have become stylish inns, fancy restaurants and bars and stylish boutiques to cater to the most discerning of visitors.

Trancoso is like that, full of graces. The greatest of them is the cheerful, simple and friendly way of the locals, who know how to receive as nobody and maintain a proud identity, manifested mainly in the many local festivals, such as those of São Sebastião, São Brás and São João, that range the night with much traditional singing, forró and leather samba drum. To check what few saw.

Unspeakable beaches, hospitable people, people from all over the world. Add good music, permanent party mood and great cuisine. Trancoso waits for you. See how to get there.

Access to Trancoso is by the airport of Porto Seguro. Direct flights leave São Paulo (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Salvador (BA). From other capitals, it is possible to make connections through the three cities that offer direct flights. The overland route from Porto Seguro to Trancoso takes about an hour.

Approximate distances:

São Paulo: 1573 km
Rio de Janeiro: 1156 km
Brasilia: 1695 km
Salvador: 756 km
Porto Seguro: 26 km (via ferry) / 60 km (via road)