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Suite Espelho

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Suite Espelho
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Suite Espelho

Located on the ground floor with an independent entrance by a balcony adorned with arecas and liconias (tropical vegetation) giving a feeling of welcome and warmth.

The double bedroom is located between a private outdoor pergola and the TV room with a kitchen-kit, and are interconnected by doors with adequate dimensions that when opened gives a pleasant feeling of a single space with distinct environments.

The outdoor pergola is decorated with a wooden armchair with white pillows for reading and relaxation and a table for small meals.

The bathroom, as in the suite, is decorated with clay vats from Tiradentes-MG and the taps in the shape of wooden spouts. For more convenience and comfort the bathroom has two doors that give access to the double bedroom and the TV room.

The fittings of this loft are: wi-fi, a 42 "led tv, dvd, retro style refrigerator of 80 lts in light blue color, microwave, split of 12,000 btus in the double room and 18,000 btus in the tv room, hair dryer and coffee maker.